Yookidoo Shape 'N’ Spin Gear Sorter

QAR 69.00
SKU: YKD-AT-0001
  • Your child’s early-STEM imagination will not stop as they configure spinning “machines” in a variety of layouts from these innovative gears and match their colors and shapes. Delightful “machine learning” in miniature as your child spins this matching-shapes toy and generates multiple gear reactions!
  • Arrange the six geometric, colored shapes with gears on the flexible base to configure a variety of chain-reaction layouts: a row, a snake, a triangle, a square, or a circle.

  • Show your toddler how to maneuver the large, easy-to-grasp shapes, and then spin the gears – supporting their fine-motor development.

  • Each gear can be fit only with the matching shape, strengthening your child’s understanding of different shapes and sorting skills.

  • The pieces are especially designed for little hands to grasp and easily fit on the base.

  • Regardless of the base layout, the gears will always spin, much to your toddler's delight, and enabling frustration-free playing and learning.

  • Encourage color and shape recognition by identifying them as you play together.

  • Suitable for ages 1-3 years old