All Natural Houttuynia Cordata Sheet Mask

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  • Nourishes your Skin with the Power of Nature
  • Sheet Mask Made with Fibers from Eucalyptus Tree Filled with Houttuynia Cordata Extract that Takes Up 50% of All Ingredients
  • Purifying, Calming & Soothing, Youthful Looking Complexion
  • Made with Eco-Friendly Fabric TENCEL
  • Perfect Skin Care Routine with High Concentrated Essence by More Than 25ml Volume
  • Great For All Skin Types Including: Dry Skin with Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Sensitive Skin with Damaged Skin Barrier, Saggy Dull Skin, Skin with Uneven Texture
  • 1 Sheet Mask Per Piece
  • 30 Sheet Mask Per Box