Claritine Children's Syrup for Allergy 100ml

  • Claritin syrup relieves multiple symptoms, including sneezing, runny nose, itchy & watery eyes and itchy nose or throat
  • Claritine is suitable for above 2 years and weight more than 30 kg
  • The Claritine effect lasts for 24 hours
  • Claritine is non-drowsy; it gives relief from symptoms without drowsiness, so you can make the most of your day
  • Claritine non-sedating antihistamine can be taken with or without food
  • Indicated in hay fever
  • Help relieve symptoms of idiopathic chronic urticaria or hives (itching, redness and number and size of hives)
  • The effect of Claritine will last for a whole day and should help you to continue your normal daily activities and sleep.
  • 100 ml