Eco Rascals

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Bamboo Classic Suction Plate Toddler
QAR 119.00
Let your little one enjoy a couple of their favorite foods during meal time with the Eco Rascals Toddler Plate. Key Features Crafted with sections to keep different foods separated...
Eco Rascals 5 Pcs Reusable Bamboo Straws
QAR 25.00
Drink your favorite hot or cold beverages without harming the environment, thanks to the Eco Rascals Pack of 5 Bamboo Straws. Key Features Crafted from organic bamboo, making it environment-friendly...
Bambo and Silicone Spoon Set - Pink Green Yellow
QAR 69.00
Teach your little one how to eat independently using the Eco Rascals 3 Colors Spoon Set. Key Features Ergonomically designed, making it easy to hold for your baby Durable bamboo...
Bamboo Classic Suction Plate Dinosaur - Navy
QAR 119.00
Eco rascals dinosaur shaped bamboo suction plate has a silicone base with an airtight mechanism, to easily attach to the table, high chair, or any other solid surface in your...
Bamboo Classic Suction Plate Duck
QAR 119.00
 The duck plate comes with two large sections allowing you to portion out the food easily and separating tastes and textures that might be scary for a toddler. Cautions: Bamboo...
Bamboo Classic Suction Plate Owl
QAR 119.00
Do you need a plate that supports food variety? Look no further, this bamboo shaped owl plate has three sections that support and encourage a well-balanced nutritionally dense meal.  Detachable...