Feeding Essential

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Milky Makers Signature Chocolate Chip Lactation Cookies
QAR 80.00
Heavenly organic chocolate chip lactation cookies made for milky mamas. The Milky Makers® Signature cookies are made of oats, flaxseeds and other delicious milk boosting ingredients – they are magically...
Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Glass Options+ Narrow Bottle 120ml
From QAR 55.00
Clinically proven to reduce colic, Options+™ is the #1 pediatrician recommended baby bottle in the US. Helps Reduce Feeding Problems. Proven to Help Preserve Bottle Milk Nutrients Vacuum Free Feeding...
Medela Breast Milk Storage Bags
QAR 89.00
Hygienically Pre-sealed Leak-Proof Double Zipper Durable Material for Safe Storage Self-Standing for easy Handling 180ml / 6oz 
Dr. Brown's Fresh First Silicone Feeder
QAR 28.00
Tiny holes let just enough food through for baby to safely selffeed Silicone Feeder is durable and bite resistant Can hold anything from fresh food to frozen treats perfect to...
Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Level 2 Narrow Silicone Nipple
QAR 32.00
Silicone Level 2 standard, replacement nipple, 2-pack. Made for standard Dr Brown bottles. Very soft and made of high quality silicone. Dishwasher safe For babies 3 months and older. 2...
Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Glass Options+ Narrow Bottle 250 mlDr. Brown's Natural Flow Glass Options+ Narrow Bottle 250 ml
From QAR 57.00
Clinically proven to reduce colic. Decreases saliva, belching and gas. Shown to better preserve nutrients in breast milk and formula. Helps digestion for a good night's sleep. Offers a flow...
Nutricia Aptamil Baby Formula Milk Advance 1
From QAR 46.00
Aptamil Baby Formula Milk. Patented next generation Infant Formula. Pronutra advance - combining our unique blend of ingredients with our advanced unique process. Our patented blend of GOS/FOS and LCPs...
Haakaa Ladybug Silicone Breast Milk Collectors
From QAR 165.00
Pop the Haakaa Ladybug Silicone Milk Collector inside your bra to collect let-down throughout the day and save every precious drop of your liquid gold! It is completely portable and...
Milky Makers Power Boost Coconut Lactation Cookies
QAR 90.00
Product Details The Milky Makers® Coconut Power Boost lactation treats are made for mamas in desperate need of supply. The treats are made of super milk-making ingredients! It's perfect for...
Milky Makers signature lactation brownies
QAR 80.00 QAR 69.00
Heavenly fudgy chocolate brownies are full of milk making ingredients. These delicious Milky Makers® Signature Brownies is easy way to help your body to make more milk. The signature brownies...
Kabrita Goat Milk Based Infant Formula Stage 1
QAR 94.00
Goat Milk Based Infant Formula 0-6 Months DHA + AA Kabrita Stage 1 Infant Formula Based on Goat Milk Contains All the Necessary Nutritional Ingredients  Kabrita 1 Goat Milk Based...
Gloop Breastfeeding Cover
QAR 189.00
The breastfeeding gloop! allows to you better comfort and discretion when you feed your baby at public places. With the top flexible you are able to see every time your...
Dr. Brown's Natural Flow PP Options Plus Narrow Bottle Gift Set
QAR 207.00
You reduce colic, spit-up, burping, gas; Helps colicky babies settle down / sleep Vacuum free feeding - like breastfeeding Set Includes: 3x 8oz/250ml Bottles 2x 4oz/120ml  Bottles 5x Level 1 Nipples...
Spectra Easy Milk Storage Bag with Connector
QAR 50.00
Easy Maintenance: These Spectra Milk Collection Bags are disposable, no clean-up is required For Moms On The Go: An adapter is included, which helps pump milk directly into the bag...
Milky Makers Morning Tea
QAR 50.00
Product Details Start the morning fresh with Morning Glory Lactation Tea ☀️ richin herbal milk making blends for nursing mama. The unique combination ofnatural ingredients, Red Raspberry Leaves, and a...
Milky Makers Peanut Butter Lactation Cookies
QAR 90.00
We combined the richness of creamy all-natural peanut butter with the goodness of oats into a baked soft and chewy cookie, which creates the perfect balance of salty and sweet...
Baby Works Feeding Pillow
QAR 159.00
The Baby Works Feeding Pillow is the ideal aid for feeding baby. The polyester fill and foam top layer adds the necessary support which allows mothers to breastfeed or bottle...
Dr. Brown's Natural Flow PP Options Plus Narrow Bottle 120ml
QAR 74.00
Helps reduce feeding problems. Proven to help preserve bottle milk nutrients Vacuum free feeding helps digestion Fully vented bottle design Internal vent system and silicone nipple work together 2x 4oz/120ml...
Spectra Breast Milk Storage Bottle
QAR 42.00
Comfortable grip 2 Pieces 160ml Color Pink BPA-free
Milky Makers Afternoon Tea
QAR 50.00
Our Afternoon Bliss lactation tea is the ultimate combination oftasty and functional lactation boosting herbs. Made with ingredientssuch as Oat Straw and Dandelion Root, which work like magic forbreastfeeding mothers....