Just Gentle

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Just Gentle Organic Laundry Detergent
750 ml3 Liters
From QAR 94.50
Our plant based cleaning formula is perfect for babies and people with sensitive skin. It removes stubborn stains and odors on clothes without leaving any harsh chemical residue behind. Suitable...
Just Gentle Organic Kids Unscented Deodorant
QAR 85.75
Made for young & sensitive skin.  Just Gentle deodorant is safe for kids & teens. It provides all day protection by inhibiting bacteria growth that causes odor. 60ml
Just Gentle Organic Bottles, Toys & Dish Wash 500ml
QAR 78.75
Cleanliness and Safey comes hand in hand. Our advanced plant based cleaning formula tackles milk residue, grease, and food stains. It can be used to wash all your baby items...
Just Gentle Organic Kids Scented Deodorant - Sport
QAR 89.25 QAR 53.55
The Just Gentle Organic Kids Deodorant - Sport was created especially for kids and teens whose skin is delicate. The product offers total-day protection by inhibiting the growth of bacteria...
Just Gentle Organic Kids Scented Deodorant - Bloom
QAR 89.25
Just Gentle Organic Kids Deodorant - Bloom was carefully designed to be gentle on children's and adolescent's delicate skin. It provides all-day protection by suppressing the growth of bacteria that...
Just Gentle Organic Multi Surface Cleaner 500ml
QAR 94.50
Our plant based cleaning formula with jasmine rice vinegar is safe even for baby accessories. Our worry-free cleaner is made of 100% natural ingredients making it great for cleaning tables,...
Just Gentle Organic Kids Hair & Body Wash Ultra Gentle 900ml
QAR 369.25
Have a fun and pure bath time with our new extra pure, ultra gentle formula hair & body kids wash. Feel the nourishing goodness of coconut oil and enjoy the...
Just Gentle Organic Baby Hair & Body Foam Wash Ultra Gentle 230ml
QAR 141.75
Enjoy the gentle and soft foamy lather of our ultra gentle (sulfate free) hair & body foam wash. Our formula blends together hydrating organic aloe vera, chamomile and cucumber with...
Just Gentle Organic Baby & Kids Soothing Cream 30ml
QAR 103.25
Bug Bites can be itch and bothersome. Our herbal blend with organic aloe vera and peppermint oil helps to instantly minimize itchiness and reduce swelling from mosquito, insect and as...