Tooth Brush

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Dr. Brown's Silicone Finger Toothbrush with Case
QAR 18.00
100% silicone brush super soft for baby dual sided cleans and massages baby s sensitive gums Fits over adult finger easy to brush baby s teeth and gums protective storage...
Dr. Brown's Infant to Toddler Toothbrush (Elephant)
QAR 33.00
Shape like an elephant to help make tooth brushing time fun. Instructions for use. Clean the toothbrush before and after each use with lukewarm water. Age recommendation: 0 to 3 years....
Chicco Toothbrush 6-36 Months
QAR 24.00
6-36 Months Gentle on Enamel and Sensitive Gum Extra Soft "Tapered Technology" Bristles
Dr. Brown's Toddler Toothbrush (Crocodile)
QAR 33.00
Baby to toddler toothbrush is sized right for growing mouths and made to help build brushing skills Bristles of toddler toothbrush are soft yet sturdy, gently cleansing but stand up...
Dr. Brown's Infant to Toddler Toothbrush (Flamingo)
QAR 33.00
Sized just right for growing mouths, the Toddler Toothbrush helps your toddler build independent brushing skills. Pink Color 1-4 Years
NUK Training Gum Toothbrush Set
QAR 38.00
6+ Months Cleaning Trainer Brushing Trainer Help Your Child to Independently Develop Their Tooth Brushing With Anti-Slip Grip With Protective Ring BPA Free
Chicco Milk Teeth Toothbrush
QAR 24.00
3-6 Years Gentle on Enamel and Sensitive Gums Very Soft "Tapered Technology" Bristles.
FridaBaby Grow-With-Me Training Toothbrush Set
QAR 69.00
Start those oral health habits young and keep them going with the Grow-With-Me oral care set complete with two manual toothbrushes that promote brushing independence. At six months, you can...
Pigeon Training Toothbrush Set
QAR 27.00
Lesson 123 2-3 Milk Teeths (6-8 Months) 8-10 Milk Teeths (8-12 Months) Full Milk Teeths (12 Months) Baby Training Toothbrush
Pigeon Training Toothbrush Lesson 2
QAR 13.50
Baby Training Toothbrush Lesson 2 8-10 Milk Teeth 8-12 Months
Pigeon Training Toothbrush Lesson 1
QAR 13.50
Baby Training Toothbrush Lesson 1 2-3 Milk Teeth 6-8 Months