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Chicco Easy Fit Baby Carrier Paprika

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  • About the Product: Ideal for travelling light and hands-free strolling, Chicco's Easy Fit Baby Carrier is the perfect solution for you and your baby, giving you greater freedom of movement so you can go anywhere
  • Easy to wear, just like a T-shirt, Chicco Easy Fit Baby Carrier is an ergonomically designed Baby Carrier which helps support parent and baby “skin to skin” moments while keeping baby perfectly comfortable
  • For proper physiological and psychological development, physical closeness with parent is a necessity of newborn. Chicco Easy Fit Baby Carrier is designed to promote physical connection between newborn and parent while carrying, like a second skin
  • Chicco Easy Fit Baby Carrier features extra neck support for newborn babies while their neck muscles are still developing and strengthening
  • Ergonomic seat of carrier ensures that the baby’s hip and legs stay in correct M-position for proper development. Acknowledged by IHDI (International Hip Dysplasia Institute) as a 'hip-healthy product'
  • While growing, a newborn baby’s muscles are still developing and it’s important to hold and carry baby in correct position. Chicco Easy Fit Baby Carrier supports baby’s natural C-position of back and neck ensuring a healthy development of baby
  • From very first day onwards, it is going to stay with you and your baby supporting in normal growth and development of the baby. Its 2 in 1 style allows parent to carry newborn parent-facing to forward-facing when baby is little older