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Gloop Sweet Little Bed

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  • Our Sweet Little Bed Offers To The Baby A Safe And Comfy Place Where He Can Sleep, Co-Sleep, Play And Get Diaper Changes!
  • Made With 100% Organic Cotton⁠!⁠ ⁠
  • Sweet little bed is the accessory that every recent parents need to be comfortable and safe on many activities of their baby
  • The sweet little bed is easy to transport, the portable characteristic and his lightweight allow the easy transport, easy to travel, from room to room, grandma’s house or vacation.
  • Age: 0-6M
    Size: 450 mm wide, 770-870 mm (750 mm closed and 870 opened)
    Cover: 100% organic cotton certified
    Filling: 100% Polyester
  • Safety Instructions:
    • Must always be used in a child safe and supervisioned environment
    • Child’s head should be positioned at the head end of sweet little bed
    • Always ensure that the sweet little bed is placed fully supported on its back on a flat, firm and stable surface
    • Do use the sweet little bed on a elevate surface.
    • Always place the child on his back to sleep and rest.
    • Tummy time must be strictly supervised
    • Keep pillows and other soft objects, such as stuffed toys, out of the enfant’s sleeping/resting environment
    • Sweet little does not harbor heat. Dress the child according to the room temperature. Use gloop! muslins for swaddling.
    • Blankets and quilts must always be secured, E.G. safely tucked the pod.
    • Check the sweet little bed regularly for damaged seams and similar. Damages must be fixed immediately.
  • Care Instructions:
    Wash with similar colors. Always use a washing bag for the cover and the tube.
    The tube rarely needs washing, shaking and ventilating it is usualy enough. If washing the tube, use a washing bag. When wet, the tube should be trumble-dried at low or medium heat. Then fluff/shake it by hand so it regains shape. If still somewhat damp, lay flat to dry. Check regularly for damaged seams.