Similac Isomil 2 Soy Follow-On Formula Milk

QAR 35.75 35.75
  • Similac Isomil is a soy based, milk free, lactose free, low osmolality infant formula, formulated specially to meet the nutritional need of infants suffering from lactose intolerance or sensitivity, milk allergy, management of diarrhea and the management of galactosemia
  • Similac Isomil with soy protein isolate and its inherent nucleotides has been shown to support baby’s digestive & immune system development
  • Unique carbohydrate blend, with two different absorptive pathways to help maximize absorption and minimize risk of malabsorption
  • Unique (palm olein-free) fat blend in Similac Isomil has been shown to provide excellent calcium absorption and softer stools
  • A soy-based formula designed for common feeding problems & help reduce fussiness, gas, and spit-up
  • Essential fatty acids, Vitamins and Minerals (such as Calcium and Iron) that are known to support healthy growth of the baby
  • Formula for children of vegan families
  • 400g